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Eyebrow threading is an ancient technique for hair removal that has a proven history of being both effective and nearly painless. Those who have never taken advantage of Threading Services in Baymeadows Jacksonville FL often experience more anxiety than they should at their first appointments, though. Since this anxiety is often based on not knowing what to expect, this article is designed to lay out the basics of what the procedure will entail and to assuage any lingering fears consumers may have about heading for their first threading appointments.

How to Prepare

The most important step to take in preparation for eyebrow threading is to remove any makeup in the surrounding area. Failing to do so will only leave clients with a smudged mess and will make it more difficult for threading specialists to do their work. Note also that most experts recommend abstaining from concealer and foundation used in the area immediately following the procedure as it can clog the pores.

Pain and Side Effects

The majority of those who use Threading Services in Baymeadows Jacksonville FL report only minimal pain, though of course, every client’s experience is a little bit different. Threading feels like having several hairs tweezed at once. It doesn’t have any long-term side effects, though some clients do find that their eyes water during the procedure, not so much as a result of pain but due to manageable sensitivity in the area.

Share Strategies First

Not all threading specialists will ask what look their clients are going for before getting started, as many of them work more on instinct. That’s why clients need to take the initiative to share information about what look they’re going for in advance. This also allows them to get advice about the best strategy for maintaining their brows after the threading has been completed.

Get Started Now

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