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Some of the newer spas out there have all kinds of fun things for their clients to do. They have sensory deprivation tanks, Thai hot steam massages, and microneedling. This post goes back to the basics and discusses some of the most common spa services offered at a luxury day spa in Montreal.


With a microdermabrasion facial at a place, such as West Spa, you can get rid of the dead skin cells that come with aging, revealing a glow from when you were younger. In this process, a pressurized jet and a facial vacuum are first used. The spa should be able to change the settings of the jet so that each cheek gets the right amount of pressure.

People who want their faces to look dewier also often get facials that make their skin brighter. Acid treatments, chemical peels, and gentle masks are part of this process.


There are many types of massage therapy. For example, in a deep tissue massage, firm pressure is used all over the body, with extra focus on areas that need more work. Adding essential oils to a massage is a fun way to get rid of knots, but it also helps you relax with a pleasant smell.

Some massage specialists at a luxury day spa in Montreal use hot stones. If this doesn’t feel right to the client, they should tell the therapist so that they can go back to using their hands. Specialty massages can be good for pregnant women who want prenatal massages, athletes, or anyone who wants to try something new. This could include a Thai hot steam massage or a reflexology session.

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